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My primary/home page had been hosted on the Dueling Modems service. With the demise of DM, I'd had to move my page to various accounts under my Earthlink master account. However, after many years a recent move resulted in my losing web hosting with Earthlink (all I now have is email). I'm recreating things using a Raspberry Pi and DynDNS.

Depending upon what you seek, the following sites may be of interest. This site is now focused on my common on-line persona: Baron Wulfraed, an Imperial Vargr.

Who, or What, is Wulfraed?

Wulfraed is my most used on-line name and persona, including usage in my common email address (as "wlfraed").

In virtual settings (on MUCKs and other "in-character" communication systems), however, Wulfraed (properly "Wulfræd") is a Vargr and former Imperial Scout, besides being a baron in the Imperial ranking system. Vargr are a wolf-like race in the old Game Designers' Workshop Traveller RPG series (Traveller, MegaTraveller, and Traveller: the New Era).

Baron Wulfraed's Biography is a bit too long to display on this main page. It describes the baron, and the IISS Elusive Unicorn, a non-standard scout ship of which he has use.

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