Specifications Sheet
IISS Elusive Unicorn
Craft ID Scout,
Type= SN,
TL= 15,
MCr 41.729 (discounted)
Hull 90/225, Displacement= 100,
Configuration= 1AF (needle/wedge, airframe),
Armor= 40G (bonded superdense),
Unloaded Weight= 919.854 tons,
Loaded Weight= 1009.725 tons
Power 5/7, Fusion= 882Mw,
Duration= 30/90
Locomotive 8/10, Maneuver= 2G;
5/6, Jump= 2 (parsec)
NOE= 190kph (terrain following),
Cruise= 1590kph, Top= 2120kph (Vacuum),
Cruise= 1431kph, Top= 1908kph (Atmospheric)
Agility= 1
Communications Radio= System x2,
Laser Com= System x2,
Maser Com= System x2
EM Masking,
Passive EMS= Interstellar,
Active EMS= Far Orbit,
Densitometer= High Penetration/1Km,
Neutrino Sensor= 10Kw,
EMS Jammer= Far Orbit,

Active Object Scan= Routine, Active Object Pinpoint= Routine,
Passive Object Scan= Routine, Passive Object Pinpoint= Routine,
Passive Engine Scan= Simple, Passive Engine Pinpoint= Routine
Weapon Beam Laser (250Mw) = x02 Missile Launcher = x02
Batteries 1 1
Bearing 1 1
Weapon DefDM= +3
Sand Caster= x03
Batteries 1
Bearing 1
Control Systems Computer= 1bis x3,
Panels= Holographic (Dynamically) Linked x67,
Special= Heads-Up Holographic Display x2,
Environment= basic env, basic lifesupport, extended lifesupport,
grav plates, inertial compensation,
Electronic Circuit Protection
Accomodations Crew= 3 (bridge= 2, engineering= 1)
[Normal mode is one person filling all three posts],
Staterooms= 4;
Air Lock;
Air Raft Berth with Open-Top Air Raft
Other Fuel Capacity= 656Kl
[allows for sequential J2 and J1 without refueling],
Fuel Purification Plant,
Fuel Scoops,
Cargo= 43.96Kl
Object Size= Average,
EM Level= NONE (effectively Stealthed)
Notes NON-STANDARD TURRET; a single triple turret with a non-homogeneous set of weapons (laser, sand caster, missile launcher)

IFF system is Mil-Spec Programmable between:
  • Full "IISS Elusive Unicorn; SN Scout/Courier"
  • Generic "Type S Scout/Courier"
  • Silent (no transponder signals)

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