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General Background

Wulfræd is an Imperial Vargr in his mid-late 40s. As an Imperial citizen, he is more comfortable with the Empire's concept of social standing than with Vargr charisma ranking. In point of fact, Wulfræd holds the title of Baron by inheritance. These facts have made his life somewhat interesting when interacting with regular Vargr society. His Imperial status and upbringing have granted him an air of moderately high Vargr charisma, but at the same time he does not meekly submit to Vargr of high charisma; at times, by listening to the ideas of low charisma Vargr and considering their suggestions, he has inadvertently raised their standing in the eyes of their associates.

Physically, he is unusually strong for a Vargr, though of only average dexterity, and with average intelligence and education.

Now, given the inherited rank, why would Wulfræd have chosen the Imperial Interstellar Scout Service (IISS)? That is something yet to be revealed. Nonetheless, he did enlist in the Field division of the Scout Service.

The IISS Period

A rather standard first tour of duty, initial training and service in the Communications Branch, where he picked up Piloting, Navigation, and Handgun skills.

The second tour of duty saw him changing MOS to the Survey Branch, where he was assigned to Navigation and (Turret weapon) Gunnery Schools. He managed to also find time to improve his Handgun skills.

With eight years behind him, much of it seemingly in schools the third tour of duty finally involved some active work in the field, where he acquired some skill in Engineering, and improved his Piloting skills (along with a touch of improvement in his manual dexterity).

The fourth tour was a bit of a mixed bag. Skills acquired during a special mission included yet another improvement in his Handgun skill (just what is he doing all this time?), along with a touch of Forgery. In the third year of the tour, he was offered a transfer from the Field to the Scout Bureaucracy; a transfer he turned down -- and was subsequently given an assignment on base, apparently in punishment. During the remaining year of this tour, he found time to again practice his Handgun skills.

His final tour started out with another special mission which was closely followed by an active war situation. By divine will, he managed to survive combat for a regular field mission. But the acts of divinity can only go so far, and a mishap during this supposedly easy mission resulted in his being mustered out of the service one year short of completing 20 years! During this abortive tour, he had to pick up Sensor Operations and Liaison skills. The high tensions in the early part of the tour also led to further increases in his Piloting and Handgun skills.

Post-Service Life

Even with the effects of aging, he mustered out with a fairly robust body, and even managed to improve his mind both in terms of reasoning ability and in terms of raw knowledge. As mustering out benefits, he received an autopistol, 90,000Cr in cash, and usage of the IISS Elusive Unicorn (a Unicorn class scout ship). He does not receive a stipend from the Scout service, however, having fallen short of the 20 year qualification.

With the breakup of the Empire, Wulfræd sensed a potential turning in relations with the human citizens, and set course for the Spinward Marches -- managing to keep just ahead of news which might have called him and the Elusive Unicorn back to active duty (this also meant that free maintenance of the Elusive Unicorn at Scout bases was still available to him). In the end, attempting to avoid a recall notice and possible infection of the ship by Virus, Wulfræd scheduled a jump to occur while still deep within a gravity well. The resultant mis-jump brought him to relatively unknown space in the vicinity of Crossroads and the Club Velvet Tail; from there he has since migrated to FurryMUCK.


In MegaTraveller terms, and adding an extra digit for charisma, his starting UPP was B9978C-5. His current UPP is AA8BCC-5; skills are: Pilot-5, Handgun-5, Navigation-2, Turret-1, Engineer-1, Forgery-1, Sensor Ops-1, Liason-1 -- I also assume any Vargr would tend to have Infighting at a level of 1.

The IISS Elusive Unicorn

The IISS Elusive Unicorn is not the basic type-S scoutship -- the discounted price of the design is over 30% more than that of standard type-S ships. It is built at Imperium base technology level (TL-15), classed as type SN. A formal Specification Sheet is available.

Traditional displacement size of 100, in a needle/wedge configuration (not just a streamlined design, but actually aerodynamic [lifting body / 1AF]), with a bonded superdense hull. The ship has an 882 megawatt fusion plant, and is capable of 2G acceleration using thruster units, and a 2 parsec Jump. The first non-standard feature is that this ship carries enough fuel to perform consecutive jumps adding up to a total distance of 3 parsecs without refueling.

Avionics permit a NOE speed of a leisurely 190KPH, though when one considers that this speed is being managed by a craft with a loaded weight of over 1000 tons it may be surprising... Atmospheric cruising speed is 1431KPH, with a top speed of 1908KPH.

The Elusive Unicorn's communications suite consists of regular Radio, LaserCom, and MaserCom. All supplied with redundant units, and all with System (1000AU) capability.

The sensor suite includes EM Masking, a Passive EM Sensor array (laser sensor, radio direction finder, radar direction finder, radiation sensor, passive IR, light amplification, and image enhancement) with Interstellar (2parsec) sensitivity, an Active EM Sensor array (radar, all-weather radar, ladar, radar jammer, radio jammer, active IR, and image enhancement) with Far Orbit (500,000km) range. Also equipped with a High Penetration Densitometer capable of generating density maps to a penetration depth of 1km; a Neutrino Sensor capable of identifying sources of 10kw neutrinos. Lastly, in addition to the jamming capability built into the Active EMS array, a stand-alone Jammer with Far Orbit capability is also included.

Weaponry is where the Elusive Unicorn carries a further departure from standard practices, in that it bears a mixed armament triple-turret. The turret which is equipped with a defensive sand-caster (factor 3), an offensive missile launcher (factor 2), and a 250MW offensive beam laser (factor 2). This turret is normally locked in a detented position with the laser boresighted along the normal flight plane of the ship -- this allows the laser to be aimed and fired from the pilot's position via maneuvering of the entire ship; missiles could be launched in this manner, but reloading of the turret cannot be done remotely.

The computer system is a standard 1bis with dual warm-backups. Controls are Holographic computer linked systems, with two Holographic Heads-Up displays on the bridge. The ship uses grav plates, with Inertial Compensation. It is also equipped with Electronic Circuit Protection.

The Elusive Unicorn is equipped with the traditional 4 staterooms, though only one is in active use at present (the others may be in use for storage space) -- this one has a direct access to the bridge, and is equipped with lockable ports rather than normal pocket doors. An open top Air Raft is also standard.

As mentioned, fuel sufficient for a total jump distance of 3 parsecs is carried. A Fuel Purification Plant and Fuel Scoops are fitted to the tanks... Under low stress situations, the Purifier ensures safety in jumping, but the ship is equipped with mil-/scout-spec drives, capable of routinely using unrefined fuel.


The Unicorn Class scout was developed long before I ever found GEnie (and long before I found the Internet). Similarly, the use of MegaTraveller rules to develop a description of Wulfræd seemed reasonable.

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